Accessible learning across the globe with O365 and SharePoint

How do you utilise Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online to deliver people managers with tailored learning content, support your company culture and drive personal development across the globe?

The challenge facing one of the world's leading wine makers was how to connect a global team of 1,000+ people with a user experience to make learning accessible anywhere, anytime.

We recently delivered a solution for one of the world's leading wine makers
that would answer all their challenges, using SharePoint Online.

The challenge

Learning for people managers, when and where they need it. This was the challenge, and through O365 and SharePoint, a solution was realised that would deliver learning to their diverse team, no matter their location.

Over six months, we both worked entirely remotely, connecting via Microsoft Teams to manage the project between London and California.

The result? Together we developed the People Manager Learning Platform, a single location for all the organisation’s people manager training resources, and a selection of courses from LinkedIn.

Key for our client was a solution that they were able to provide to their people and say, ‘Here is some of the skills and knowledge that is going to make your work more effective’.

They also had the challenge of a very geographically dispersed workforce and management team, so needed to find a tech solution that enabled managers to access information when and where they needed it.

The solution

The platform allows People Managers to access learning material which helps them to understand more their responsibilities as a manager. Through the courses on offer, they can build their capability as well as gaining insights into areas for future development and accessing information about people, process and timings.

A key part of this is the self-assessment tool. We developed over 100 pieces of content, whether it’s a learning guide or a template or a toolkit. However, this amount of content could easily be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know where to start. The tool means they can answer just 10 questions, and the system provides recommended learning.

The solution is needs specific, rather than role specific, allowing our team the freedom to choose your own areas of learning based on your level of experience on a given topic.

When it came to launching, the team wanted a way to make it impactful and authentic. As well as a briefing call for managers on the key aspects, an all-encompassing comms campaign was key to engaging everyone right from the start.

The actual campaign consisted of various different parts, launch emails that went out from the Chief People Officer to all people managers globally, and blogs from executive members referencing tools and particular features – even the CFO got involved with a blog as the team geared up for launch.

The results

In the first three months, the site proved to be a real hit with the TWE team, and the numbers speak for themselves. As a valuable resource, it has advanced the capability offering for their teams, whether on-site, on the go, or working from home.

The site has had over 6,000 hits since launch, with 1,000+ messages and users are in their thousands too. The reaction has been universal too, whether it is from the executive team, people managers in the business or HR team members - it has all been very positive.

People love the site, the quality of the content and the user experience. From a business perspective, it has progressed the capability offering to their teams.

People have been continuing to engage with the platform during the Covid-19 pandemic too, as the workforce is temporarily away from their normal sites.

Our client has been running one or two hour Microsoft Teams sessions, where topics involve different management capabilities. Team members have engaged with the platform and have begun suggesting topics too, for example a recent topic involved adjusting to remote working.

Particularly during a time of flux and change the platform has allowed our client to give people the opportunity to reskill in different areas – areas they may not necessarily be focusing on, or an area they want to build.