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One of the world’s leading professional services firms was looking to redefine how their 300-strong HR team worked and communicated. Supporting a UK team of over 20,000 partners and staff, HR itself was broken down into a number of sub-teams and Centres of Excellence (COEs). These operated as siloes, with little opportunity to cross-collaborate.

Communication was done by phone, email and tacit knowledge, and with no single channel, document sharing and knowledge management was becoming increasingly difficult.


Alongside Azuronaut, the firm wanted three simple innovations for HR ways of working:
• A secure place to store documents
• Easy for people to collaborate on work
• The ‘shop front’ – the place people know to come to.

HR Connect – is designed to deliver all those innovations in one intuitive and easily accessible solution.

It provides the shop-front, connecting the entire function. It is allowing people to collaborate in a way they couldn’t before, and the firm is seeing the benefits of having everything in one place. It has become the “go-to” tool, and one which is known for clean, crisp and easy to use navigation. No training on use was required, as navigating HR Connect is self-explanatory.

Teams have benefitted from:
• A simple path to the information they need through intuitive knowledge management.
• Quick access to colleagues and contact details with the Team Explorer.
• Communication and collaboration with its Yammer integration.

We are definitely seeing the benefit of having everything in one place. Navigation is crisp, clean, easy to use and it is intuitive.

 - Client Project Lead


During the development, a network of Champions from the HR teams had been identified to work closely with Azuronaut. They were introduced at the initial requirements workshop, and taken along the entire journey from start to finish. The result is that HR Connect carries the needs and wishes direct from the teams themselves – from the design of the Team Pages to the content and the launch messaging.

At launch, each team had representation and input to the process and solution in a truly cross-collaborative effort. The result is that everyone is benefitting from connection within HR that was not possible before; with latest additions including enhanced search and filter functionality and an updated UX with a new look and feel.

The end result is that HR Connect has made it easier to find the information they need, collaborate with their people, and make the most of a world of applications at their fingertips. It has improved productivity, and strengthened knowledge, whilst reducing the cost to the business by bringing everything in one place.