The Azuronaut team attended Smile London 2018 this month.  We met some great Internal Communications. professionals, offering insight into how different organisations are solving problems in Internal Communications.

Here’s a recap of the day and what really stood out from the crowd:

Out of the Box Intranets report

In this opening presentation, Sam Marshall from Clearbox Consulting gave an snapshot of their famous SharePoint intranets-in-a-box’ report.  Sam explored how vendors are addressing the needs of modern organisations.  The report, updated annually, scores intranets in several key areas common to Intranets; these include News Publishing, User Experience and Analytics, which are key to a successful Intranet.

How Workplace & SharePoint saved the Planet

Ben Roche, Amy Maher and Gareth Evans offered thoughtful insight into the world of Plan International.  Plan is a global non-profit organisation that support women and children in crisis across the globe.  We saw how they’ve re-ignited communication across the organisation by launching Workplace, and a Hybrid Intranet solution from Azuronaut.  The solution surfaces apps, documents and a powerful Bot through integrations with OKTA, Office365 and Azure.  As a result, employees now self-serve better and have easy access to tools and information they need to be more effective at work.

Monster Worldwide

Lorraine Solomon, Head of Communication and Engagement gave an compelling talk on how Monster Worldwide recently modernised their digital workplace with their new intranet, M-Space.  We saw how Monster have utilised a Bot to empower users to self serve, with a candid account of their journey into the world of bots.  We were reminded that bots need training and require time to learn in order to become effective.

Steve & Cindy Crezenzo

The worlds most popular Internal Communications speakers from Crezenzo Communications gave an energetic, and often side-splitting outlook on Internal Comms.  They stressed the importance of content and served a reminder that technology is only one aspect of creating a truly connected modern workforce.  They delivered thought provoking discussion on how to use strategic communications to change behaviour.  Our key takeaway was to focus on People and the avoid too much focus on the four deadly P’s: Programmes, Policies, Products and Procedures.

To conclude, the event was very insightful and certainly worth attending if you’re serious about Internal Communications. Simply Communicate run events throughout the year – find more information here: Simply Communicate.