Empower Bots by Azuronaut

Streamline and simplify your workday. Using the best in machine
learning, our Bots automate the manual and offline tasks within your
business. Integrating with your existing tools and systems, they interpret
requests and respond quickly.


Payslip and Rota Bot

Deskless workers have seamless access to their payslips and staff rosters direct from their mobile. This means they don’t have to leave Workplace to check their payslips and rosters – and can keep up to date on the go.

Covid-19 Bot

As the impact of Coronavirus continues, the Azuronaut Covid-19 Bot is providing people with quick, up-to-date information on the outbreak and company policy. Integrated with SharePoint, business documents relevant to Covid-19 are easily uploaded and delivered through the Bot on Workplace Chat.

Learning Bot

Personal development is important for your people. Our Learning Bot integrates with L&D platforms such as Flow to ensure they keep on learning and developing, right from within Workplace Chat.

SharePoint Knowledge Bot

Accessing the right documents, at the right time is important for smooth running business. Ensure your people can search SharePoint Knowledge in Workplace Chat with our Bot.

Profile Picture Bot

Your people can add filters and customisations to their profile pictures with ease, using our Bot.

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