SharePoint Bot
for Workplace

Search, share, collaborate on documents even without leaving Workplace. With full-text, tag and author search, SharePoint BOT makes it easier than ever to find documents across multiple SharePoint sites and open documents from within Workplace.

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Search, share, collaborate on documents even without leaving Workplace

Easily access content stored across multiple SharePoint sites with highly configurable search queries.

Open and edit SharePoint documents from right within Workplace even within their mobile app.

Easily identify documents using document previews

Search results are security trimmed so only authorised users can see their documents

Refine search results using pre-configured search facets like date, author, document type

Supports natural language query processing allowing users to search intuitively

Allow your front-line staff to easily access company documents like Policies and Forms without provisioning additional licenses

Deploy multiple SharePoint bot instances with their own name and customising the experience for each. For example "Policy Library"

Support SharePoint hybrid search mode allowing you to connect to documents on premises

Use Case Examples

SharePoint Bot can be used to answer lots of different use cases within your organisation. Here are some we see all time time!

Policy Library

Use SharePoint Bot to point to one or more document libraries within your SharePoint environment which contain policy and procedure documents. Users will be able to easily get access to policies document by simply searching the bot.

Knowledge Management

Use SharePoint Bot to collect and distribute all sources of knowledge within your organisation. Empower you support team and front line stuff to easily find rich information from within Workplace.

Front-line Resources

Allow your front-line staff members to get access to common resources within needing to get direct access to SharePoint. SharePoint Bot will help them find the information they need quickly and easily.