Survey Bot
for Workplace

Easily create and share surveys and export results using the Survey Bot for Workplace. Survey Bot supports various question types and natural language processing (NLP) to create an intuitive survey experience.

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Easily create and share surveys and export results using the Survey Bot for Workplace

Easily deploy and distribute a survey to a specific group or whole organisation within Workplace

Supports various question types. Eg. Text, Multi-line text, Multi-choice (MCQs), Number, Date, Attachment

Configure required and optional questions and default answers to questions which are validated at run-time

Use multi branch questionnaire to build complex navigation between questions

Supports natural language query processing, allowing users to use the bot intuitively

Export all survey results to a spreadsheet or export to a Workplace group of your choice

Allows administrators to configure single or multiple submissions for each user

Deploy multiple Survey bot instances with their own name and customisation for each. Eg. "Feedback Survey"

Allows administrators to configure anonymous surveys where user information is not exportable

Use Case Examples

Survey Bot can be used to answer lots of different use cases within your organisation. Here are some we see all time time!

Leadership Feedback

Use Survey Bot to collect leadership feedback from colleagues across the organisation. Target colleagues by simply choosing a Workplace group where they belong. Keep the survey anonymous if required. Configure multiple choice questions which are easier to complete which ensures maximum number of submissions. Export survey results and analyse trends to facilitate growth.

Innovation Ideas

Use Survey Bot to create a questionnaire which describes an Idea. Survey should include questions about the idea, its potential impact, how it can be implemented and supporting attachments. Additional questions can be added to help administrators categorise submissions based on pre-defined taxonomy. Let the Bot post the ideas to an open group in a structured format for consistency and ease of searching. Allow users to vote on the idea by simply commenting or liking an idea post.

Award Nominations

Use Survey Bot to collect award nominations from across the organisation. Award nominations can be made anonymously and posted to a secret group to ensure winners are kept secret untill the "big reveal". Regularly export nominations as a spreadsheet to ensure a good level of participation from across different functions and locations.