Unite Digital Workspace

Centralise your digital landscape into a single digital workspace.
Unite integrates with your tools and systems to provide one point of
access for your people. Everything from knowledge management, to
learning and development, communication with colleagues and
collaborative working is simplified.


Employees are using an average of 35 different work applications more than 1,100 times a day.
Isn’t it time we fixed that?

Through Unite, your people enjoy unobstructed, seamless access to centralised business knowledge, communications and internal work systems. Unite empowers your people, enabling self-service and increased efficiency.

Unlock the true power of Microsoft Office 365 through customisation and integrations.

We understand the success that Microsoft Office 365 brings to a business. We also see the advantages when we configure this platform to unearth the benefits for your people. Unite takes best in class technology believing that SharePoint and Workplace from Facebook work better together.


• Powerful integrations with existing systems.
• Centralised and controlled knowledge management.
• Integrates with Microsoft O365 and SharePoint.
• Maximise the potential that Microsoft O365 provides.
• Integration with HR to streamline important processes.
• Collaboration made easy for team projects.
• SharePoint search bots to intuitively surface content.


• Full utilisation of Microsoft Office 365 suite.
• Centralised access to company knowledge.
• Efficient working saves time for your teams.
• Reduced time searching for tools and content.
• Increased engagement from combining multiple tools.
• Streamlined day-to-day working processes.

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