Managing your people, made easy

A webinar on Connect by Azuronaut

Connect by Azuronaut is an intelligent solution to manage your people.

It puts the power of account management into their hands, setting them
up in the communities that matter to them and creating an environment
where they can do their best work.

In this webinar hosted by Azuronaut, you will understand the benefits of Connect by Azuronaut
and how alongside Microsoft and Workplace it is powerful solution to connect your workforce.

Join us on the 27th August at 10am BST.
At Azuronaut, we are trusted partners of both Microsoft and Workplace. Through our experience
we have brought these technologies together alongside Connect by Azuronaut to deliver future focused solutions.

Hear from our speakers as we host a discussion on how both
technologies are used and the benefits of working together.

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Matthias Vanhollebeke

Head of Solutions Architecture, Azuronaut

Regan Collins

CEO, Azuronaut

Jane Rawden

HR Director, Bistrot Pierre