Workplace from Facebook

Connect your entire business, with familiar features such as groups,
chat and video calls. Workplace connects your entire organisation with
a dedicated and secure space for your people to connect,
communicate and collaborate.


Does your business need a single, easy to access and grasp platform to stay connected?

With Workplace from Facebook, you can connect your employees to your business goals, values and each other with a number of smart, familiar features. Businesses work better when everyone is on the same page, bring your people closer together today.

Workplace connects with exisiting infrastructure to provide a seamless experience for your people.

Workplace connects with tools you're already using, such as G Suite, Office 365 and Dropbox. Infact, it links up with over 50 enterprise tools. This makes it a powerful platform to bring into your business, no matter the size. Plus it's like Facebook, but adapted for work, so anyone can start using it straight away.

Connect by Azuronaut

Identity management for your frontline workers.

Connect by Azuronaut is our SaaS product which keeps your people's Workplace from Facebook accounts up to date - even if they don't have a corporate email address. It knows your people, integrating with existing HR systems.

Our Connect solution works quietly in the background, seamlessly managing your onboarding, offboarding, and everything in-between. This keeps your people’s Workplace accounts up to date – even if they don’t have a corporate email address.

Unite by Azuronaut

Streamline your day with a single digital workspace.

We’ve created a digital workspace, providing one point of access to your digital landscape. Everything from knowledge management, to HR queries, communication with colleagues and collaborative working is taken care of within our Unite solution.

Through Unite, your people enjoy unobstructed, seamless access to centralised business knowledge, communications and internal work systems. Unite empowers your people, enabling self-service and increased efficiency.

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